Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thoughts for the week.

Thought I would jot down a couple of thoughts from activity the last 5-6 days. Last week I attended the NAICC conference in Jacksonville FL. This is an annual meeting bringing 4-500 consultants and researchers together for 5 days of presentations and discussions, plus there is a trade show. Two of my colleagues made presentations on technology that were outstanding. An underlying theme to the entire conference to me anyway was "data". There is a lot of data being generated out there and everyone wants it...from seed companies to equipment companies to chemical companies. In fact most of these entities seem to be positioning themselves to acquire data (yours) and see if there is any opportunity to capitalize upon it and market it as a service. Just a few problems, ownership, how will it be used, when you combine your data (which is perfect I'm sure) with someones which is not so perfect, how does that get represented? Which data is used and which is not? How many geographical areas are represented in such data? I'm a little leery of all this. My approach is to help individual growers process their data alone and see where it leads us. There are more and more layers that can be utilized now but one has to be careful when viewing those layers. More on this subject later

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